Our Solutions

Appleseed can provide your business with a Casio electronic cash register with integrated credit card processing. Designed with the most demanding restaurant and retail environments in mind, our ECR's deliver rugged hardware and stylish design while offering a wide range of useful features. Additionally, the keyboard layout can be customized and programmed by us, allowing you to know the exact specifications of your register before it ever reaches your doorstep. Complete with cash drawer and backlit customer display, this electronic cash register is the perfect solution for any retail or restaurant establishment.

Casio From Future

Samsung Registers

We stock a wide array of SAM4s Registers ranging from small to large scale. All come with programming after the purchase alongside installation as well. We take the time to get to know the restraunt our solution is going into so that you can ensure you are getting the best equipment with the best programming to suit your needs. Even after the sale we stock the knowledge and parts to support you should anything go wrong. If you are looking to upgrade your experience, we do that too, offering items like kitchen printers, bar code readers, scales, and text insertion.